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A Brief History of the Community Centre

The Community Centre was built around 1930 as a Pumping Station.  Originally there were four reservoirs on the site, owned and operated by Tees Valley Water Board. They were known as the Fighting Cocks Reservoirs, with a Pumping Station, a Superintendent’s House and a Board Room (now the Parish Council Meeting Room). Although the Pumping Station is not a listed building it is considered “a non-designated heritage asset” by Darlington Borough Council’s Planning Department, and regarded as a “handsome” building.

When the Pumping Station and the reservoirs were no longer needed to supply water to the ironworks (which were demolished in 1947) and the village, the reservoirs were taken over by Northumbrian Water and de-commissioned.  The area was converted into the Water Park for leisure activities, and the Pump House became a new village hall, filling a void which had existed since the demolition of the Parochial Hall for the building of houses on Chapel Street.  The freehold of the Pumping Station was sold to the Middleton St George Community Association by the Parish Council on 23 December 1980, for the sum of £15,000.  The Parish Council and community members put £5000 into a bank account to cover necessary improvements.  On 19 May 2006, the property was placed in trust with the Official Custodian for Charities on behalf of the Middleton St George Community Association.

The Community Centre is now a thriving hub, managed by the Trustees as a charitable body regulated by the Charity Commission.  The Trustees, together with a growing membership, form the Middleton St George Community Association and are responsible for the maintenance of the buildings and the activities provided by multiple hirers for the benefit of all the residents of the village and beyond.



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